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Don’t take our word for it - read the reviews to find out what people think about us after hearing us sing and watching us perform...

The Choir Although many people enjoy listening to choirs, not everybody appreciates this form of live entertainment. In addition, there are many kinds of choral music and choirs, not all equally pleasing to individual tastes. In my opinion, the style and techniques of performance are paramount. If the singers are calm, poised, engrossed, happy, buoyant or swinging to reflect the music, and have the exceptional discipline and commitment to show such moods at the same time, then you have a choir who is trying to engage its audience..... 

An audience which experiences all these qualities is truly privileged and have spent their ticket money wisely. In very rare instances some choirs have the great flexibility to exhibit these techniques and style in a range of music; this was Belcanto Choir in Warmington on the 8th October 2011. The calm, clarity and sheer impact of the first notes sent shivers down your spine as they entered slowly into the room. The Latin choral verses were inspirational and the effect of the voices engrossing....... 

The blues, jazz and show tunes were clearly a great success from a quick glance round the audience and the volume of their applause. ...... 

The Belcanto Choir spread themselves along the naves and aisle of the church for some songs. The two ladies near me, a soprano and an alto, sang wonderfully, as did all of them, showing that their expertise needed no conductor or proximity to one another. Between songs one of them apologised to me for coughing, another asked whether I wanted to join in and my wife nudged me in the ribs – to “be quiet” – I couldn’t help it, they were contagious. A great time was had by all, the choir and the audience

Extract from the ‘Five All Magazine’, November 2011

On behalf of St Mary’s PCC I would like to thank you for once again bringing Belcanto to Warmington and for giving us such an excellent evening of music making.

Your visit on the last three occasions has been the highlight of our concert programme and we are always delighted that you afford the time, in what must be a busy schedule, to come to us.

The choir seems to go from strength to strength and we must again congratulate you on the successes you have achieved. Certainly your visits to us have been a great success and we are grateful for the support you have given us in our efforts to make our church, and what it has to offer, a more attractive and rewarding experience for us and for the wider community.

So, in wishing you continued success for the future, I would ask you to pass on our thanks to all your members.

David Constant, Churchwarden, Warmington

What a marvellous evening the choir gave us last night. Such superb singing, a wonderful mix of serious and fun music. Excellent soloists, including Joanna on her flute and Suzanna on her violin. Please convey our thanks to everyone. We all so enjoyed listening. The church was buzzing with wonderful vibes from it all. It’s a long time since the church has had such a wonderful occasion. A very lasting memory, one which will be talked about for a long time

Janice & Douglas Forrester, St Peters Church, Isham Church

Dear Barry,

A HUGE thank you to you and the choir for the wonderful evening of music on April 24th at The United Reformed Church in Kettering.

The choice of music and the quality of the singing was an inspiration to us all. Please pass on to the choir members and also to Judith our very grateful thanks.

Please accept this cheque as an appreciation of our thanks for all the work you carry out.

Also, I and other Lion's members would like to wish you and the choir every success in Llangollen.

Yours Sincerely,


John Geary, President Kettering and District Lions

I have been asked by St Mary’s PCC to offer you a belated thank you for the wonderful concert you brought to us in October. So I hope you will forgive us for not responding earlier to what was an outstanding evening in the company of the Belcanto ladies’ choir. 

We have rarely experienced such fine music-making at St. Mary’s and we are immensely grateful to you and your members for bringing it to us. In the meantime I hope you will have an opportunity to pass on our thanks to you members together with our good wishes for the forthcoming Christmas season.

David Constant, The Church of St. Mary’s, The Blessed Virgin, Warmington

Please thank all those who sang for us at Hargrave. Everyone who was in the church really enjoyed the performance and I have even had comments from people barbequeing in their gardens who also enjoyed the evening!

John Priest, Hargrave Church

Dear Barry, Please find enclosed a cheque as a donation in appreciation for the wonderful concert the choir and yourself gave us on Thursday 10th September. It was certainly a magical evening and will be remembered by all for a very long time

Mavis and Peter Mobbs, Thorpe Malsor Church

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful donation brought into us recently to the sum of £425.00 for the Centenary Wing Fund.

I understand this money was raised after you and your friends recently formed a choir under the name Belcanto. I hope that your recital on the 17th July was a success and enjoyed by all.

May I once again take this opportunity to thank you for supporting the Centenary Wing with your donation, and please pass on our thanks and appreciation to all concerned.

Helen Bennett, Manager, Kettering General Hospital

On behalf of Joyce (the principal guest), the Brethren of Pro Musica Lodge and all their guests I write to thank you very much indeed for giving up your Sunday afternoon to entertain us with such lovely music at our annual Ladies’ lunch.

By 9am on Monday morning I had the first email of appreciation from a brother who is a semi-professional singer and he was full of praise for the content of your programme and the very high standard of the singing. 

I would be very pleased if you would accept the enclosed token of our appreciation for your funds. We are well aware of the cost of music these days.

Neil Foster, WM, Pro Musica Lodge No. 9547

Please would you pass on our heartfelt thanks to all the members of the choir who gave us such a wonderful concert on May 2nd. It was a magnificent evening, and everybody was very impressed by the extremely high standard of both the choir and the soloists. They gave us a varied programme, which added to our enjoyment. I do hope the choir enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

This was our first venture in presenting this type of event for several years, and I am pleased to say that is was also a financial success, raising money for the Lion’s to use for local charities. We would like to share some of this with you, as the choir must have running costs, and we would like to donate £100 to your choir funds.

I hope that is will be possible for us to have another concert sometime in the future. Again, many thanks to everybody.

Malcolm Harris, Lions Club International Kettering and District


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